Supporting Growth & Optimisation With Specialised Knowledge and Enterprise-Wide Best Practice

Advancing your business by leveraging in-depth expertise and experience, establishing and managing global organisations. With our expert partner network, we offer a broad scope of management and corporate services, including finance, human resources, information & communication technology, legal, procurement and management.



Operational Management

TechMark has a wide variety of specialist business partners, seasoned professionals with global experience and in-depth knowledge of corporate disciplines: 

  • Company Structuring, Human Resources, Talent Sourcing
  • Governance, Board Memberships, Interim Management
  • Business Planning, Financial Management, Offshoring, Tax Optimisation
  • Legal Counsel, Compliance, Risk Management, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Management Coaching, Staff Training, Education, Mentoring
  • Quality Control, Process Efficiency
  • Digital Transformation, Automation, Industry 4.0
  • Business Process Management, ERP, BI
  • Investment, IPOs, Funding, Banking
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Finding the right service is a process of investigation through consultation with our customers, asking relevant questions to narrow down priorities and immediate concerns....

What would you like to achieve? What are your challenges? Do you address customer/market needs? Are you up to date with current (and possible future) behavioural patterns? Are you product/service orientated (pull instead of push, customer buys instead of you selling)? Do you need to re-engineer your marketing messaging?....where and how can we help you reach your goals?

Similar to Agile management, our consulting methodology consists of incremental cycles of analysis, quantification, proposals, implementation and monitoring - adjusting and fine-tuning where necessary.


52% of the Fortune 500 companies have dissapeared in the past 15 years, which is the average S&P corporation lifespan today.
— Prof. Richard Foster, YALE University


Commercial Support Services

Enabling growth of your business by supporting revenue generation with creative marketing, professional business development, and efficient sales management consultancy services.

MARKETING - TechMark has the expertise to leverage today's modern marketing tools for unparalleled performance - we build global brands and ensure continued brand awareness. Our creativity challenges the status quo and we're excited by the impossible. Services range from graphic and web design, photography, video production, animations, motion graphics, website development, mobile app development, social media management, to artificial intelligence primed, full marketing automation...the list of possibilities is truly endless.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - our capabilities enable development and implementation of growth opportunities within and between organisations - creating long-term value for customers, markets, partners and relationships. We collaborate and integrate the knowledge and feedback from your organisation’s specialist functions (for example R&D, production, marketing, sales...), to leverage in-house expertise for negotiating strategic partnerships. 

SALES MANAGEMENT - We help our clients improve sales organisation’s effectiveness and increase revenue, develop or refine sales plans, territories and target quotas, conduct personnel evaluations, source, onboard, train and support new hires, establish compensation and incentive programmes, evaluate sales pipeline performance, implement or update customer relationship management platforms, dashboards and reporting systems, participate in sales meetings and provide tactical support on sales opportunities...

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Optimisation - Leverage Our Expert Knowledge & Best Practice....