“Results Driven & Focused”

TechMark has helped us with a number of projects to optimise our Sales & Marketing efforts. They are an experienced business consultancy, are results driven and focused on delivering real value to clients, with extensive knowledge of technology for the life science industry.

— Alex Drijver, CEO ChemAxon


“Meeting Challenging Deadlines”

It's rare to come across creative marketing talent like TechMark, who have been instrumental in our early sales activities and led the efforts to get our brand globally recognised within our field. 

— Tim Hague, CEO Omixon

TechMark has been instrumental in improving our overall corporate branding, business development, sales and marketing activities - they are valued and trusted advisors!

— Peter Salga, CEO Dyntell

“Natural Enthusiasm & Ability”

I had the pleasure of working with TechMark on nanotechnology, chemistry and genetics projects - they are experienced individuals with a passion for technology and life science, galvanising the people they collaborate with.  

— Cesare Spadoni, Smart R&D Solutions & Founder of aPODD


“Dedicated to Bringing Value”

I've had the pleasure of interacting with TechMark on several technology consulting activities, including nanotechnology and biotechnology projects. They are experienced, trustworthy and reliable, dedicated to bringing value and results to every mission they take on.

— Michael Bossert, LifeScience Consultant

“Proactively Contributed to Improvement”

TechMark has been of great value and has proactively contributed to improvement of our sales & marketing strategy - examining our industry and setting out clear objectives to optimise the performance of our revenue generation. They have the foresight to determine industry trends, which allows us to focus our efforts and deliver real value to our customers.

— Edit Várhelyi, CEO David Spine Clinic


“Talented professionals”

CellSorter wanted to improve branding and marketing. TechMark did exactly that, with excellent results - visit our website to see for yourself. They are talented professionals, we highly recommend working with them. You’ll be happy you did.

Dr. Bálint Szabó PhD, CEO CellSorter

TechMark supported Femtonics as Strategic Advisors in the areas of operations, sales and marketing - they are skilled business consulting professionals in the life science sector, we are grateful for their contribution to our growth plans for global developments in the advanced microscopy and the complex field of neurobiology.
— Dr. Gergely Katona PhD, CEO Femtonics

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