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Supporting growth of innovative technology sectors with business development, sales, marketing, distribution, digital transformation and operational optimisation.



Life Science

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Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, research, oncology, neurobiology, immunology, genetics, pharmaco-genomics, drug discovery, medical devices, bionics, informatics, advanced imaging....

IT & Communication


Data storage, retrieval, transmission, manipulation, computer hardware, software, SaaS, electronics, telecoms, IoT, big data, analytics, cloud computing, e-commerce....

Other Sectors

Chemistry, nanotechnology, quantum physics, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, industrial engineering, nuclear, petrochemicals, automotive, aviation, aerospace....

“TechMark has helped us with a number of projects to optimise our Sales & Marketing efforts. They are experienced professionals...

Projects Include:

IT Hardware
Software, SaaS
Advanced Microscopy
Genetics, Genomics



“Passionate about disruptive technologies, biotechnology, life science and innovative pioneers - striving to make a positive impact by creating value in today's rapid pace of global commerce.”


“Assist and support technology companies to achieve their ambitions, reach their goals, and grow their businesses - providing sales, marketing and operational advice for strategic and sustainable expansion.”


“Through consultation with clients, analyse, quantify, propose, implement and manage actionable solutions - with specific, manageable and measurable performance indicators.”

If everyone keeps moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
— Henry Ford


Promoting institutions that make a positive impact on tomorrow...