Business Consulting for Rapidly Moving Technology Companies

TechMark is passionate for commercialisation of innovative, disruptive technologies, bridging the gap between commercial and technical teams, supporting global revenue growth with experienced professionals and consulting expertise.

Focus on technology sectors; biotech, nanotech, chemistry, information and communication technology and other exciting hi-tech movers.

Operational Excellence

Corporate Structuring

HR & Talent Sourcing

Process & Efficiencies

Quality, Compliance & Risk

Revenue Generation

Business Development

Strategic Marketing

Sales Management

Distribution Channels

With our network of specialist partners, TechMark can assist with legal counsel, financial planning, fund raising, institutional and angel investors.

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Asking the right questions...where can we help your business grow?

Strategy Pyramid

What would you like to achieve?

What are your current and future challenges?

Do you address customer/market needs?

Are you up to date with current (and possible future) behavioural patterns?

Are you product/service orientated (pull instead of push, customer buys instead of you selling)?

Do you need to re-engineer your marketing messaging?

Is geographical expansion in your strategic plan?

Do you require investment capital?....etc.


Our Principles


Organisation, structure, reliability, performance, future, leadership, trust, sustainability, dedication, integrity, professionalism...


Education, collaboration, research, sharing, belief, loyalty, information, exchange, responsibility, clarity, relevance, focus... 


Creativity, free-thinking, humour, fun, light-hearted, motivation, challenge, gratitude, passion, curiosity, enthusiasm, positivity... 

Wisdom is knowing the right path to take...integrity is taking it, even when nobody is watching.
— Anonymous

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TechMark is bridging the gap between technical and commercial teams.
— Alex Driver, CEO ThalesNano Nanotechnology (formerly CEO of ChemAxon)



Sustainability - Where And How Can We Help You Reach Your Goals?