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Our team of diverse specialists and associates have proven track records for building and managing companies in a wide range of international business environments, from small start-ups to large multinational corporations.


Craig Funnell.png

CRAIG FUNNELL  Founder & Managing Partner

Management, Strategy, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Commercial Real Estate, Financial & Professional Services, IT & Communication Technology, Life Science, Biotechnology

Experienced senior manager, international sales, business development and marketing executive. Before moving to the technology sector, spent 20 years in financial services, growing businesses in the emerging markets of Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), Nordics, and in Europe, Africa Middle East (EMEA) with regional management roles at leading risk consultant Aon.

Craig founded technology consulting firm Techmark, involved with a number of hi tech projects; Information Technology, Engineering, Chemistry, Healthcare and Biotechnology, including; Interim CEO of Dyntell Software and ThalesNano Nanotechnology, Strategy consultant for DAVID Spine Clinic, ChemAxon Cheminformatics, and Femtonics Advanced Microscopy, among others. He was a proactive contributor the global expansion of the molecular diagnostics company Omixon, supporting exponential growth with sales, marketing and business development expertise.



ALEX DRIJVER ⎜ Senior Partner

Management, Strategy, Business Development, Finance, Risk, Licensing, Technology Transfer, Software, Biotech, Drug Discovery, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry

Business executive specialised in working with scientific entrepreneurs, to grow their businesses and create value. Alex holds board and non-executive director positions at Omixon and in a number of scientific startups. His contact network is particularly strong with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies and highly experienced with business development in Europe, USA and Asia.

Alex's professional experience includes CEO of ComInnex, a specialist chemistry service provider in early stage drug discovery, CEO of ChemAxon, a world leader in cheminformatics, CEO/CFO of ThalesNano Nanotechnology, flow chemistry and microfuidics laboratory instrumentation, and CFO of ComGenex, chemistry CRO, where he led the trade sale to US concern AMRI (Albany Molecular Research Inc.).  Alex's early career was in the banking industry (NatWest and ABN AMRO) focusing on SME finance and financial risk management.


Gerard Thierry.png

GÉRARD THIERRY ⎜ Management & Business Development

Executive Management, Strategy, Finance, Business Development, Circular Economy, Construction, Engineering, Energy, Waste Management & Environmental Conservation

Gérard spent much of his career with global construction giant Bouygues, troubleshooting and managing their entities in Europe, Africa and Asia. He held executive management roles for Bouygues' subsidiaries; construction, engineering, energy, water distribution, and recently was CEO of the Gran Canary Island public waterworks.

Gérard moved back to continental Europe In 2011 and founded his business consulting firm, leading business development and negotiations for a number of innovative technology projects; data warehousing, mechanical engineering, environmental protection, waste management, water desalination, recycling and distribution, with geographical focus currently on developing countries in Africa and Latin America.


Gabor Molnar.png

GÁBOR MOLNÁR ⎜ Corporate Finance and M&A

Fund Raising, Corporate Development and Governance, Legal Counsel, Stakeholder Negotiations, Mergers & Acquisitions, IPOs

Gábor has a legal background and is Founder and Managing Partner of HBC Solicitors, a boutique law firm based in London. His team of international professionals have decades of experience in advising corporate clients on fund raising and strategic corporate event transactions.

Prior to setting up his practice, Gábor worked for global legal firms in New York, London and Johannesburg, where he specialised in complex cross-border corporate finance transactions, ranging from early stage venture capital financing to complex business combination transactions for large-cap public companies. More recently, he's been involved with angel investments, holding interests in a number of early stage companies and technology ventures.



TIM HAGUE ⎜Technical IT & Scientific Business Development

Management, Business Development, Product Management, Software Architecture, Molecular Diagnostics, Genetics, HLA, Immunology, Bioinformatics

Entrepreneur and executive with a strong track record in taking molecular diagnostics products to market. Tim joined Omixon in 2010, stepping up from CTO to CEO in 2013, and successfully transitioned the company through a major pivot, taking Omixon from a bioinformatics start-up to a world leading molecular diagnostics company in HLA transplantation testing. 

Tim has a BSc in Genetics and an MSc in Information Systems Design, giving him a solid background in both science and software. During his earlier career he also worked with Intelligent Environments, Lufthansa Systems and IBM.


Cesare Spadoni.png

CESARE SPADONI ⎜ Scientific Business Development

Business Development, Sales & Distribution, Molecular Biology, BioChemistry, Oncology, Neuroscience, Clinical Trials, Pharmaceuticals, CROs

Cesare is an experienced professional in the life sciences industry, he held senior business development positions at AMRI, Aptuit Laurus and ThalesNano Nanotechnology. More recently he set up his own consulting firm for sales, marketing and corporate strategy support to emerging high tech companies, and also established aPODD, a charitable research organisation to accelarate drug discovery for pediatric oncology,

Prior to his business career, Cesare worked several years as research scientist at Eisai London Research where, among other tasks, he was in charge of the company’s DNA sequencing unit. Cesare holds an MSc in Applied Molecular Biology and a PhD in Neurosciences from UCL, University of London, as well as an MBA from the Central European University.


Marco Lin.png

MARCO LIN ⎜ Scientific Business Development

Management, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Research & Development, Engineering, HLA Applications, Genotyping, Next Generation Sequencing

Experienced life science business executive in the rapidly expanding markets of China and Taiwan. Marco began his career as application engineer in AST Corporation, Shanghai, before stepping up to Technical Sales Director. He collaborated with GEAI (GE Analytical Instruments), servicing semiconductor and pharmaceutical facilities including; Intel, TSMC, Samsung, CSOT, SMIC, Kelun Pharmaceutical, expanding commercial operations to Chengdu, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

In 2013, SeqGene Biotechnology Corporation established in Taiwan, where Marco undertook Vice President and executive board membership. SeqGene provides molecular diagnostic applications in Taiwan and mainland China, including HLA application services, and is a key distributor of GenDx and SageScience. Marco's academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, and a Master’s degree in Microbiology from Soochow University, Taiwan.


Patricia Varju.png

PATRICIA VARJU ⎜ Scientific Business Development

Product Development, Business Development, Sales & Distribution, Public Tenders, Molecular Biology, Electrophysiology, Neuroscience, Confocal, Multi-Photon Microscopy

Highly skilled biology and engineering professional, with in-depth experience in the application of imaging science, ranging from traditional confocal to advanced, multi-photon microscopy. Patricia began her commercial career with Femtonics Advanced Microscopy, applying expertise as Product Manager in the development of two-photon laser scanning microscopes, pioneering in 3D real time imaging technology. Her responsibilities soon grew to Sales Director, supporting rapid commercial growth and geographical expansion through strategic distribution. 

Since 2016, Patricia is Founder and CEO of Image Science Ltd, providing a portfolio of microscopes ranging from simple to complex systems, and representing the most innovative imaging technologies available. Her academic studies include a BSc in Biological Science, MSc in Molecular Genetics & PhD in Neuroscience, followed by a postdoc at the Institute of Experimental Medicine. 


Marcello Scala.png

MARCELLO SCALA ⎜ Scientific Business Development

Management, Business Development, Sales, Marketing & Distribution, Product Management, Molecular Diagnostics, Genetics, HLA, Immunology

Marcello is a young and ambitious sales & marketing professional, highly passionate about genetics. After living in Shanghai, China, as Business Development Manager for Shanghai GenePharma (an RNAi company), he spent three years within the HLA field as Marketing and Sales Manager for ROSE GenTec. Marcello moved back to Europe as VP Sales Operations, EMEA & Asia for Omixon, responsible for sales to direct customers and application of their molecular diagnostics technology.

BSc in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Naples "Federico II", and an MSc in Genetics, with full scholarship from the B.I.O.G.E.M. Research Centre University of Sannio. Currently taking part in the executive MBA program at the University of West England.


Venkatesh Voleti.png

VENKATESH VOLETI ⎜ Scientific Business Development

Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Cell Biology, DNA, Genomics, PCR, Molecular & Companion Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, Drug Discovery, Oncology, Assay Development, NGS

Experienced sales & marketing executive, with technical expertise in discovery biology, genomics and molecular diagnostics. Based in Mumbai, Venkatesh has spent much of his career as Sales Director for Biotron Healthcare, with installations in almost every screening lab in India.

Venkatesh has a wide range of laboratory application knowledge; multi mode microplate readers (fluorescence, luminescence) and assays for GPCR, kinases and related areas, cancer biology (cell migration/invasion, apoptosis, angiogenesis, chemotaxis) and automated electrophysiology (automated patch clamp, multi electrode array). Molecular diagnostics expertise, for patient management through clinical reference labs, includes: isolation of CTC (liquid biopsy), assays for NGS and qPCR, magnetic based nucleic acid extraction (DNA & RNA).


Joe Tharmaraja.png

JOE THARMARAJA ⎜ Technical IT & Communications

Management, Information & Communication Technology, Software Architecture, Healthcare, Biomechanics, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Experienced technical business development executive, with leadership roles in the computer software industry. Joe has full IT lifecycle management expertise: design and architecture, development, system integration, vendor management, SQL, and business analysis, aligning business objectives with customised software, mobile solutions and web development.

Joe is CEO of BOCS Group in Malaysia, providing IT consulting, software development and e-commerce platforms. He has a Masters degree in Information Communication Technology from Asia E-University, and is also COO/CIO of DAVID Health Solutions Asia, an early adopter of the Finnish musculoskeletal rehabilitation technologies.


Peter Salga.jpg

PETER SALGA ⎜ Digital Transformation 

Management, Software Development, Business Process Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, IoT, Automation, Industry 4.0  

Prior to founding Dyntell Software, his own information technology company, Peter originally began his studies with medical research in the departments of biophysics and cell biology.

He is passionate about product development (desktop and cloud) and creating value for international business processes. His team of developers are specialist builders for pre-packaged and bespoke solutions; enterprise software, e-commerce and industrial automation. Amongst others, Dyntell's product portfolio includes: ERP, integrated business management systems, online stores, Business Intelligence, financial accounting packages,  prediction cloud analytics tools, and cloud based management services.


Angela Szécsi

ANGELA SZÉCSI ⎜ Marketing & Branding

Branding, Web & Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Google AdWords, Web Analytics

Brilliant and creative marketing specialist, with a unique ability to harmonise corporate branding and synchronise elegant connections across all of her designs, creating art for visual interfaces, making them understandable, functional and user friendly.

Angela has an MSc in Human Information Technology, a BSc in Web Programming, and is a certified trainer for HTML, CSS, XML, RDF, and Java. She has been the marketing lead for a number of UI/UX designer and online marketing projects: website design (desktop and mobile), business management systems (online and offline), planning and design for mobile applications (iOS, Android), offline print materials (brochures, business cards, event displays, product sheets, etc.), Google AdWords management and managing online marketing campaigns for lead generation.


James Syme.png

JAMES SYME ⎜ Online Marketing

Web Infrastructure Strategy, Implementation & Hosting, Branding, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, E-Commerce, Google AdWords, SEO, Analytics

James founded Storm New Media, with office locations in UK and Cyprus, delivering online marketing, web development, social media, graphic design for clients ranging from small start ups to blue chip organisations. He was previously partner in Skylab Design & Communication, where he built the digital side of the design agency that had previously been mainly involved in print, branding and packaging.

Specialised in online strategic marketing, James has in-depth expertise in brand strategy and development, web site traffic growth, SEO, statistics and analytics, web site UI, e-commerce, advertising revenue, proving strategic consulting, business plans & online sales strategy development.


Geoff Roy.jpg

GEOFF ROY ⎜ Online Marketing & SEO

Web Infrastructure Strategy & Implementation, Online Advertising, E-Mail Campaigns, Social Media, E-Commerce, CRM, SEO, Web Traffic Analysis, Google Analytics

Experienced digital marketing executive, passionate about SEO and online success. Geoff helps smaller businesses compete against big brands with the big marketing budgets. As an SEO expert, he drives natural search traffic into websites, optimising lead quality and enquiry output, improving natural rankings and increasing traffic from Google.

Geoff is Founder and CEO of LeapFrog Internet Marketing, specialists in escalating traffic and conversions via increased organic web listings and social media. Techniques include blog curation / management, email marketing, SEO auditing and optimisation, backlink improvements, meta data analysis, A/B testing to increase enquiry conversions, and building of website and domain author authority with regular monitoring and analytics.


Ricardo Contreras.jpg

RICARDO CONTRERAS ⎜ Video & Motion Picture

Film Production, Management and Development, Digital Concept Art & Production Illustration, Storyboarding, Motion Graphics, Videography, Infomercials   

Creative brilliance in art and design, Ricardo studied Fine Arts in Mexico, Italy and Sweden. He began his film career as prosthetic sculptor, soon after expanding to concept and storyboard artist, and director of short films and technology video infomercials.

During the last 13 years Ricardo has provided high end visualisation artwork for the entertainment industry, enhancing creative objectives and vision for film producers, directors, and production designers. He's collaborated in international productions, credited as storyboard artist, concept and creature effects artist for several feature films and TV series; “Atomic Blonde”, NatGeo “Mars”, “Marco Polo s2″, “Fear the Walking Dead”, ”Underworld 5", “Hercules”, “Dracula”, “The Borgias”, “Titanic”, “The season of the Witch”, “The Pillars of the Earth” and among others, recent box office hit "Spectral".

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