Supporting Revenue Growth With Professional Branding, Promotion, Sales & Distribution 

Brand identity, perception and reputation are vital to the success and sustainability of any business. Customers associate quality with professionally marketed brands, working in harmony with the reliability of products or services, delivery and customer care. With today's modern digital technology, businesses must adapt quickly and keep pace  with a wide range of constantly evolving marketing and relationship management platforms.


Online Marketing


Online - or digital - marketing moves at the speed of light. To keep up, you need a strong foundation with the judgment to think critically, act independently, and be relentlessly creative. TechMark will empower you with the building blocks to make a great first impression and stay ahead in an aggressive industry.

Understanding what your customers want can be challenging when you’re dealing with a diverse audience and a myriad of content delivery channels. Plan and build a sustainable marketing growth framework, develop a professional brand, with a story, and get customers to your online channels (website, social media, mobile application, etc) - where you'll have a short window of opportunity to catch their attention with captivating content.


Digital marketing is all about traffic acquisition and conversion, achieved with heightened brand awareness, great content with relevant messaging for your target audience.

Be found with search engine optimisation, get the word out with online PR, educate your audience with webinars, podcasts and tutorials, drive web traffic with social media, videos and infomercials, find new customers with paid channel advertising (search engine marketing, display ads, pay-per-click adwords), amplify one-to-one connections with lead generation email campaigns, drive incremental sales through affiliate marketing, engage customers with online surveys, measure loyalty with net promoter score, automate sales with e-commerce, webstores...and much more.

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Information is power - all of these activities can be closely monitored with hard data and analytics (for example traffic sources, demographics, on-site behaviour, visitor engagement, actions, conversions, etc.) enabling fine-tuning of your media messaging and optimisation of your marketing efforts.

Cloud-based 'marketing automation' solutions offer fully integrated, end-to-end systems for streamlining the process of lead targeting, engagement, conversion and analysis.    

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Offline Marketing


Television, radio and billboard advertising, events, sponsorships, merchandising, printed collateral, direct mail, callcenters, point-of-sale, in-store and packaging promotions, catalogues, magazines, journals and publications...these are some of the traditional offline channels co-existing with the digital 'big brother' of today's modern marketing age.

Unlike online marketing, offline promotions lack the ability of tracking customer conversations with realtime analytics and data management, and as such, campaign results and benefits are difficult to monetise.      

Balance and budget are keys to sustainable growth of your marketing framework - it's easy to waste precious money, time and resources on less meaningful content, which directly impacts the return-on-marketing-investment (ROMI).

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.
— Richard Branson, Virgin Group
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Sample some of our creative marketing work


Sales & Distribution


TechMark's sales management services help our clients improve sales organisation’s effectiveness and increase revenue - develop or refine sales plans, territories and target quotas, conduct personnel evaluations, source, onboard, support and train new hires, establish compensation and incentives, evaluate sales pipeline performance, implement or update customer relationship management platforms, dashboards and reporting systems, participate in sales meetings and provide tactical support on sales opportunities...

The sales process is a multi-step methodology that is sequential, repeatable, manageable, measurable and best when consistent. Composed of many sub-processes and adds value, sales transforms products and services into revenue, in a cost-effective way.

Working in harmony with creative marketing activities, lead generation and accurate management of your sales pipeline are critical to maintain momentum and sustainable revenue growth.


Manage sales data with CRM (customer relationship management) tools, systematically add qualified leads into the sales funnel, monitor target accounts, nurture contacts and relationships - which should result in new opportunities and paying customers (brand new business or new sales to existing customers, for example repeat orders, up-selling, or cross-selling).


Distribution of products and services comes in many forms, from direct sales (with your own team and internal resources), to several types of business development agreements (through external, 3rd party organisations, for example affiliates, distributors, value-added-resellers, licensing partners, franchisers, or collaborators).


Finding the right model is crucial and depends on your ability to fund distribution of your offerings without 3rd parties.

Outsourcing sales activities requires a great deal of trust in the business partner, their professionalism, transparency and integrity. Research and due diligence are extremely important when screening 3rd parties in advance of a contractual relationship (evaluation criteria such as financial stability, strength of contact networks, geographical reach, salesforce, technical and service abilities) and the track record of their performance to date.


Plan For Growth - Optimise Your Sales & Marketing Frameworks....